Would you look at that. It’s my first post. I guess this would be a good opportunity to introduce myself.

I am John Lawrence M. Peñafiel – I.T. enthusiast and practitioner based in Metro Manila, Philippines.

My colleagues call me “John P” for short and in other places, I go by the handle of “Moskvin”. As stated above, I am an I.T. enthusiast and practitioner, but to be more specific, I am an Information Security professional by trade, a Network Engineer by education, and a Software Developer/Designer by passion. I consider myself somewhat of a “jack of all trades” when it comes to Information Technology except when it comes to hardware.

Aside from staring at computer screens all day, I also like to do creative and/or exciting things on the side such as writing, drawing, digital design, driving fast on my old beat-up car, and posting dank memes on the internet.

So, what should you expect from this site?

Well, I’ll probably be putting up a lot of Information Security related posts given that it’s my field of practice. I was actually hoping to turn this site into somewhat of a “notes” repository for myself and others. I’ve encountered a lot of neat InfoSec tricks and hacks that I’ve only taken mental note of until now. I think it would be best if I had those written down somewhere accessible, not just for me, but for everybody interested.

Other than Information Security stuff, I might blog about tools and practices that I’ve found useful for improving my productivity at work or wherever. This would probably be heavily I.T.-related given that (again) it’s my field of practice.

I’ll also be posting about my personal projects, travels (possibly), art, and any other interesting thoughts that I come across.

Anyway, I believe that this quick introduction about me and this site would suffice for now. I hope that you, dear reader, would come and stick around for my other posts.

See you later.

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